Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Couch

Bought a new couch at Pier 1 Imports. It is cool, for many reasons, but mostly because it can hold more than two people comfortably. Also it looks cool.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's So Simple I'd Even Call Myself A Genius

That's right, I went there. Seriously though, perhaps its because I have had time to think, but oh the answer was right in front of my face. To think that one can look and see something, but at the same time be blind to it. You have to think, and I mean think. Just forget about the rest, and only your goal. The answer will come to you. Why I didn't see that I don't know. It's so funny.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sony seen needing consistent PS3 strategy

TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp needs to establish an unwavering marketing strategy for its PlayStation 3 game machine to drive growth of its console business, the head of Japanese videogame publisher Square Enix Co Ltd said.

"Sony first unveiled the PS3 as a mighty home electronics product. Then, after some badgering from game companies, it shifted the position of the console closer to a game machine," Square Enix President Yoichi Wada told reporters on Friday.

"(The future of the PS3) would be tough if its marketing strategy is not straightened up," he said.

Sony's PS3 is packed with cutting-edge technologies such as a Blu-ray high-definition DVD player and a Cell microchip, dubbed "supercomputer on a chip", making it advanced enough to be a hub of living room electronics, a high-speed gateway to the Internet, as well as a game machine.

But on the downside, these state-of-the-art capabilities drove up manufacturing costs. The basic version of the PS3 retails twice as high as Nintendo Co Ltd's Wii.

The high price and scarcity of strong game titles have caused the PS3 to lag far behind the Wii in unit sales since their launches late last year.

In a sign of changing fortunes of the two Japanese video game makers, Nintendo in June became one of Japan's 10 most valuable companies, and in doing so, bumped Sony off the top 10 list.

Shares in Sony, locked in a battle with Nintendo and Microsoft Corp for dominance in the $30 billion video game industry, closed down 1.4 percent at 5,640 yen, while Nintendo fell 1.5 percent to 52,900 yen.

Square Enix, known for such blockbuster game titles as "Dragon Quest" and "Final Fantasy", was up 1.1 percent at 3,750 yen.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bowling for Sandercoe

Funny Video

Academic Idiocy, Where Have You Gone?

I still have the RSS feed to my iGoogle homepage and I think it is still on the bottom of the blog as of right now, but for whatever reason the site is down and does not exist. The work of hackers? Blogger? Owner? I don't really know, I will have to ask.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I finally bought a monitor

So, I got a 19" Viewsonic Widescreen LCD Monitor (VA1930wm). I think this will be a good monitor. I researched it and I like the specs. Further, I found it cheapest at OfficeMax. I found this quite surprising. Just thought I would share.

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Almost over with that crap

Only 4 working days left and the CPF is out of my life, hopefully for good. I can't wait to just be working in the lab this semester. Lots of fun, and work of course. We'll see. I am sure it will be good.

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Happy 1 Month

It has now been 1 month since I got married to the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing girl in the world. I love her. I really do. I am getting a little sad writing this as I won't get to spend much of any time with her today. She'll be in class all morning and I'll be in class all afternoon and evening. I love you, Chelsea. You mean so much to me. We've only been married 1 month, but already we've been through so much. The rest of our lives, can you only imagine, how wonderful it will be? I love you.


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