Friday, September 02, 2005

We're all boobs

I mean that literally and figuratively.

That is, we all have them, male or female, thin or fat. Sometimes you just can't see them.

However, more importantly, we all seem to live in a bubble. Sheltered. Kept away from the truth that sorrounds us. No I am not talking about religion, what do you think I am stupid? Instead I refer to the current situation w/ the hurricane, that is its aftermath.

IMHO, regardless of how much forewarning and preparedness we could have had, we would not be any better off. There still would be people that would not have evacuted. The levees would probably have still failed. Nothing would be happening any faster or more effeciently.

Why, you ask? I'll tell you.

People are inherently and by their very nature, STUPID!!!!
We have come to rely too much on the things we make for ourselves and don't realize how much we need them until they are gone. Then we instantly expect a quick fix, as though somehow everything is prepared for, which is such a horrible way to think. Humans are the most ill prepared people at everything that most other "animals" can do without any real issues.

Also, why do all the media outlets seem to be looking for a scapegoat? This is no one's fault. No one could have accounted for this happening. This is by far the stupidest thing the media could be doing right now. Also all people are doing right now is complain. Well guess what, It won't accomplish one god damned thing.

That's it, I've given my little speil.