Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Need a few good....people.

I am asking for the unqualified and those without a clue, to aid me in my blogging. Any person that wishes to help me please contact me via 1 or all of the email addresses to the right. I want some fresh blood, in a non literal sense of course. (I gave that up a while, jk). Anyway. My only qualification is no swearing. That is absolutely no foul language, except for words that I use. You can always ask if something is acceptable.

Anyway, just keep in mind what this thing is all about:

"I ramble on about something or other... People don't really pay attention to me.... We die..."

(This is what it says, (right now), to the top right of the screen).

Almost anything can be posted as long as, again, it is clean in nature.
Anyway, I hope to hear from someone, with in the near future.

Also, if chosen there is a good chance I will make fun of you often, possibly to the point where you may wish to kill yourself and/or me. Just so you know.